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Q How far in advance do I need to reserve your services?

A  As far as possible. We perform over 300 programs annually.

Q  How much do you charge?

A  This depends on several factors – distance, size of audience, program you desire and others. It’s best to contact us at (716) 592-6351 so we can give you a accurate price quote

Q  What will you need from us?

A  We bring all our own equipment. All we need from your group is – A clean , open space to perform from

(stage, open space etc.) We’ll also need easy access to electricity. Outside performances will require a covered space to perform in (in case of rain, wind etc). Please think about having a rain date selected.

Q  Why do you require a deposit?

A  A deposit is really for your protection and peace of mind. It’s your guarantee of us being there for your event. We receive a ton of request for the same dates each year. Your deposit holds your date.

Q  What if we need to cancel our date or re-schedule our event?

A  Your deposit acts as a credit that never expires.