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Fizz – Boom – Read.

FIZZ, BOOM, READ! (Summer 2014)

Fizz boom Read

This program will ignite the children’s imagination and show them just how much fun science and reading are. Dave & Kathleen play two wacky scientist who’s experiments seldom work out as they planned. In the end the audience learns some really cool things about science and how books can open up a whole new world to them. It’s a hilarious fun-filled laugh fest that will be remembered forever!. You won’t believe your eyes as science, reading, comedy and good old fashion fun collide to create one incredible program.

But wait... the fun has just begun. A select group of children (one’s that have signed up previously) will stay after and take part in their very own science/magic workshop. That’s right they’ll learn how to use science to figure out and create their own magic tricks. This class/workshop will show them just how cool science is. Of course we’ll show them how they can learn all about science by getting books out of your library. BOOK NOW… due to the hands-on nature of this program, we can only present it to a select number of libraries. See you this Summer for science and reading fun.


Teachers Guide –

This is a fantastic resource. It shows you how to get the absolute most out of this event. We’ve been putting on events like these for years and we share it all with you. This guide will show you how to create an event that your kids and their parents will talk about for a long time to come.
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