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Magical Prospectors.

[box title=”Magical Prospectors”]Magical prospectors show dave KathMagical Prospectors This is a hilarious journey into the magical world of reading. It feature Dave & Kathleen Jeffers as 2 crazy prospectors searching for gold. This program features

1. Magic

2. Comedy

3. Story Telling

And a whole lot of old fashion fun that the whole family will enjoy. Prepare to have your funny bone tickled to the max. In the end These prospectors learn that golden nuggets of knowledge can always be found inside of a book.

This program is one of our WOW Events – Once the program is over the kids get to go prospecting. That’s right, they will pan for gold just like they’ve seen in their history books at school. The kids will find real gold (fools gold).

Watch, as their eyes light up once they see those golden nuggets. We even make some loot bags as a craft project so they have something to take their gold home in.

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