Hassle free events delivered to your front door.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow much does it cost

    Each program is different so call us and we’ll explain it all.

  • q-iconHow much space do you need

    We can adapt to just about any space you have. There will be times however that we’ll need separate classrooms for activities.

  • q-iconWill we have a mess to clean up

    Absolutely not, we clean up after ourselves.

  • q-iconWhat if it rains

    For those events that are outdoors we have a rain or shine policy. We have all the supplies to go inside if need be.

  • q-iconCan all my children participate

    Yes they can, although the optimal range is 2-7 years of age. As long as you have staff to accommodate the younger ones, they’re more than welcome to join in.

Nice try but I still have more questions Dave