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Beach Party Bash

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beach-party-bash-puzzle-good-300x300Beach Party Bash

This it’s all about having a beach party during the coldest months of the year. When everyone is tired of the cold, we bring in summertime fun.  We come in bright Summer themed outfits and put on a Beach party. We transform the entire show area into a beach style setting. We even bring the sand and sand pails with us. The children’s mouths drop open when they see all the Summer fun we brought. You can almost feel the sun in your face and the sand between your toes. It’s all about celebrating Summer, even though it’s cold outside. We bring in Sand, Limbo music, and more fun than you can imagine.  We even bring our snow cone maker. Nothing says Summer time fun like a nice cold snow cone.  The program is a fun one for those dreary cold winter days.  You can make a day of it at your center. Invite the kids and your staff to dress in their favorite Summer outfits. Everyone will love wearing their shorts in the Winter. Turn up your heaters and make it feel like Summer.


Recap – you get all this:


1.  Beach themed magic show

2. Cool Beach party music

3. Costumes to dress the kids up during the program.

4. All kinds of great photo opportunities

5. Limbo contest with kids and staff.

6. Sand castle making contest.

7. Snow cones for everyone.

8. Letter to parents explaining what we do and for their kids to wear Summer clothing.


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