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Christmas In July

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Christmas-in-July-puzzle-piece-300x300Christmas In July

What could be more fun than celebrating Christmas In July? We set up a colorful backdrop all decorated for the Holidays. It has colorful red bows, garland around the edges, snowmen. We even hang up a stocking. We’re already for Santa. The children are treated to a Holiday themed magic show. During the show they’ll meet Frosty the snow man. Yes, we make a 7 foot snowman appear right in your facility. We also have a visit from Steve, Santa’s magic rope. We even have a visit from Charlie, the mind reading penguin. Now comes the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. We make it snow right inside your facility. Imagine the looks on their faces as snow starts falling on them! Get your cameras ready because you don’t want to miss this moment. It’s truly magical to see them playing in the snow. As if all this was not enough, we end the show by making all the children a snow cone.  The kids love the fact that we do this in the middle of Winter.  It makes it even more exciting!


Recap – you get all this

1. 40 minute Holiday themed magic show

2. Appearance of a 7 foot snowman.

3. We make it SNOW in your facility.

4. All the children get a snow cone.

5. We decorate the room for Christmas. 

6. We even bring a lighted Christmas tree!

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