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Ms.-McDonalds-Farm-Puzzel-piece2-300x300Ms. McDonald’s Farm

Everybody knows about Old McDonald.  They even wrote a song about him. Well, why Old McDonald was out getting famous and hanging around with all the celebrities somebody had to take care of the farm. You guessed it, Ms. McDonald was left to take care of all those animals you hear about in the famous song. The hilarious action begins with Ms. McDonald introducing her best friend Petunia, a flower that has the annoying habit of falling asleep during the program. The children love pointing this out to Ms. McDonald. Now it’s time for a story… but this is no sit down a listen kind of story. No Sir, this is a come on up and dress up like the characters and help tell the story kind of story. The children just love to help tell the story of a lost chick trying to find it’s mother.  As you can imagine there are all kinds of photo opportunities here. Here’s the best part of the whole “shabang” – She has live animals for the children to interact with. That’s right she brings; chickens, ducks and a rabbit. Imagine the looks on the children’s faces as they pet these real live farm animals! Oh Boy, another fantastic memory making photo opportunity. The children are so excited to see real farm animals up close. Of course Mrs. McDonald tells them some fun facts about each of them during her program.  But wait there’s still more. Each child is gets there very own farm balloon animal to take home with them. This gives them something they can share with their family about all the fun they had.

Recap – you get all this:
  1. Interactive Story Telling
  2. Your children dressing up and helping Mrs. McDonald tell the stories
  3. Photo opportunity big time!!!
  4. Real Live Farm Animals that the children will remember
  5. Balloon Animals for all the children to remember their visit with Ms. McDonald.