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pumpkin-patch-puzzelPumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are great. The kids always love them but what a pain for you to plan. What if the pumpkin patch came to you. You would get all the benefits with out any of the hassle. Plus the memories would be made at your center, not at another place.  That’s exactly what we do. We bring the pumpkin patch right to your front door. We start with a fast paced interactive magic show with farmer Dave.  The children laugh at his crazy farm animals he uses in in magic show.  The show features: magic, comedy, strong audience participation and some really fun music. Then each group gets to rotate through the next three stations.  The children get to pick out their own pumpkins.  We have a local farmer that grows these pumpkins just for us.  They are hand picked and the perfect size for your event.  It is so much fun to look out and see all of the pumpkins waiting to be picked.  The best part of this program is it’s not just a pumpkin patch. We also bring live animals – ducks, rabbits and  chickens. The children just love petting and interacting with them. Kathleen talks about similarities and differences between the animals. This is always a great opportunity for pictures. As if all this was not enough, we still have more. Each class will make their own scarecrow to proudly display. We bring the hay, outfits, and everything needed to make it these perfect child sized scarecrows.  Scare crow making is a lost art.  Many children have never learned how to make them.  We teach them how and give them a handout so they can go home and make one with their family.   If the weather gets nasty the whole thing can be done inside as well so there’s no chance for disappointment due to bad weather. We have nice heavy tarps that we can put on floors for easy clean up.

Recap – you get all this

1.  Fall season theme magic show.

2. Pumpkins for all the children.

3. Each class makes their own scarecrow.

4. Live animals to pet.

5. Photo opportunity where children can put their heads in holes and become a scarecrow or a pumpkin.

6. Awesome fall decorations

7. Handout for families to learn how to make scarecrows.


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