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Wacky Science

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Wacky Science

This program will ignite the children’s imagination and show them just how much fun science is. Dave & Kathleen play two wacky scientist whose experiments seldom work out as they planned. In the end the audience learns some really cool things about science and how it can open up a whole new world to them. It’s a hilarious fun-filled laugh fest that will be remembered forever!  You won’t believe your eyes as science, reading, comedy and good old fashion fun collide to create one incredible program. But wait... the fun has just begun. The school age kids will stay after and take part in their very own science/magic workshop. That’s right they’ll learn how to use the scientific process to figure out and create their own magic tricks. This class/workshop will show them just how cool science is.  Dave will show them a magic trick.  As they observe the trick being done they are asked to use their scientific reasoning to predict what will happen and form a hypothesis on how they feel the trick is done.  Dave then takes them through the steps of creating their own magic tricks and performing them in a professional manor.  They go home with a bag full of magic that they can perform.

Recap You get:

1. Wacky Science Show

2. Awesome science lab back drop

3. Magic Class

4. Everyone in magic class leaves with a bag full of magic '

5. Kids learn how to apply the scientific principle is a fun and memorable way.