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David & Kathleen Jeffers

  Dave Jeffers first experience with magic was when he received a magic set for Christmas one year. It included a plastic top, a magic wand and several other small magictricks. His Dad built him a small table to perform on and his career was launched. Well, actually his career as a 10 year old boy consisted of showing his immediate family members all the magic they could handle until they begged him to stop. In fact this is how he made his first money as a magician, his brother gave him five dollars if her would stop showing him magic tricks.

His life changed one day when he saw a magic special on tv called the magic of Doug Henning. The tricks were bright colorful and exciting. Not long after this another magician came along named David Copperfield. His magic marked yet another change in Dave’s career. He was
determined to be the next big illusionist. Instead he found much more enjoyment working with children. It was not long before he was performing at most of the Day Cares, Libraries and schools in the area.


Dave Jeffers career took another big step when he married his high school sweet heart at the age of 19. Together they’ve performed thousands of shows all over the WNY area as well as all over the country.  The Magical family has grown over the years to include his son Brandon and his daughters Rebecca and Racheal. They have all been a part of the show over the years. Yes, Dave stuffed them in boxes, sawed them in half and levitated them.

Now the magic has grown to include his wife performing all over the country as CoCo the clown. She is a performer that’s very much loved by children everywhere. Whether she’s telling stories or making balloon animals and painting faces. Everywhere she goes smiles are sure to follow. This dynamic duo now offers magic, clowning, face painting, balloon animals, story telling, puppetry and are often featured in workshops where they teach and instruct other performers.

CoCo The Clown

Dave Jeffers and his magical family can be seen over 300 times a year entertaining all over the country. Just follow the laughter and it’s for sure that they will not be far behind. When asked what’s the secret to his success, Dave just says –

Find out what you truly love to do and do it every day. If you do this it’s like a

vacation that never ends.

Brandon, Rebecca and Rachael

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